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Out of the Blue Bead Works has been a lifelong dream for me.  I personally create,  design and handmake every rosary and piece of  jewelry in this collection.  

I made my first rosary, a miniature pocket rosary made with small pearls and sewing thread and needle at a very young age, inspired by my father, Merced Rodriguez, who as a master carpenter always lived to show me that I could build anything I ever wanted with my bare hands.  I was able to revisit my lifelong dream of designing and building something inspirational, functional, and spiritual after many years working and building a home for my son and family, my main source of inspiration and motivation.  I chose to be Out of the Blue because the name and desire to pursue my dream almost took my breath away, out of the blue, as I couldn't think of anything else but to do this. Finally in 2012 I was able to make a move and begin cultivating my ideas and my dream came true. 

I strive to be like no other artisan, uniquely original and unwaivering in my ability to make something special.  I personally hand pick every component, bead and piece of wire that go into the making of the  rosaries and jewelry. If I'm not completely satisfied with it's quality and artisanship to guarantee it's craftsmanship you won't find it here.   I currently operate my business out of my home in Mesquite, Texas right outside of Dallas. I am humbled everyday to be doing something I love so much. Only God can make a dream like this a reality.